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As the seasons change, we move into deliciously rich colours & abundant textures..

For gifting and for you, its time to shine throughout the day with new beautiful jewellery.

Explore our Collections, which are all designed & manufactured by hand in our workshop atelier in UK, using recycled metals and always with carefully, responsibly sourced semi & precious stones.

We ensure each & every piece that we make inimitably receives the utmost attention to detail, from Ready to Wear through to Bespoke.

Whatever the reason and whichever the occasion, discover exquisitely crafted jewellery that will become your reliable favourite, go to pieces.

And, it will be our delight to wrap your order, by hand - one of our absolute pleasures is to keep this tradition and you'll know that every part of your order from the beginning, to arrival with you has been carefully, sustainably and beautifully put together.

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details create the big picture

Sanford I. Weill

We have exceptional attention to detail with each piece of jewellery, hand drawn & water colour painted designs, carefully selected cherished stones, exquisite craftsmanship,  to the Assay Hallmark & our after sales care for you, those are the details that create our beautiful vibrant big picture

We are proud & delighted to be a part of ..

The UK's National Association of Jewellers.

This is the industry's gold standard for the jewellery sector based on the Association's Code of Conduct of honesty, integrity & professionalism.