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Since 1986.

A lovely warm welcome to The Gentle Rose Co.

Deborah FisherI am delighted you have chosen to visit The Gentle Rose online store, thank you.

I'm Deborah, founder, creative designer & goldsmith.  

For over 3 decades I have been fortunate enough to pursue my complete love of detail, detail detail. As a child, my wonderful Grandmother had boxes of buttons, beads, feathers & silk threads from my great great Aunt (1920's) that drew me in. I would say, that became my starting point for colour, shape & form. Thereafter, I endlessly drew, painted, embroidered & became an avid self taught dressmaker & metal worker during my teenage years.

I began designing and manufacturing in late 1986, after graduating from Central St. Martins BA (HONS).  Having received the 'Gold in Fashion Award' from The World Gold Council earlier that year I graduated & was immediately invited by De Beers to their Design seminar 'Simply Beautiful'.

From there, Boodle & Dunthorne became my sponsor who supported my first Fine Jewellery collection and thereafter with a series of collections for them.

I went on to expand my high end jewellery, and at the same time developed  fashion & runway collections for a number of designers and seasonal jewellery collections that sold under my own name, to Harrods, Liberty, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus & into Europe and exhibiting during London Fashion Week.

I have also been wonderfully fortunate to work for Graff Diamonds Ltd & David Morris Jewellery over a number of years.


For me it is always about taking the time to design exquisite pieces with exceptional craftsmanship, incorporating the unique beauty of natural stones and always with responsibly sourced materials.

These are jewellery pieces that will last & earn their place for you as cherished favourites.  Each bespoke piece is created to be lovingly passed through the generations.

In 2012, I founded The Gentle Rose Jewellery Co. My passion continues to create excellence by hand craft, whether it is bespoke or from our boutique Collections. This has been my creative commitment for the past 30 years.

I now live in Buckinghamshire with my far better half and am the luckiest to have two beautiful children and three magnificent step daughters.  When I'm not in the workshop you'll often find me on a tennis court, in the veg garden or sharing time with cherished family & friends.

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