With Thanks

After creating such special and precious pieces of jewellery for you, we are always bowled over when our lovely customers' take their own time to write notes, letters & emails with a personal Thank You.

They are treasured.


"I'm over the moon at my new rings! They're really beyond my expectations and so beautiful, creative and distinctive.  I don't think I'll be taking them off."

"In all seriousness, if there is an award that you can be nominated for the design and the making of the rings, I would be really keen to submit an entry."

"I am positively giddy about my new gorgeous ring -- it is absolutely everything I had wished for -- modern, elegant, emotional, stunning."

"It took my breath away, the beauty of the pendant is outstanding..I have worn it everyday and it has been greatly admired."

"Thank You, for everything. For understanding all of the emotion & history of this precious family piece of jewellery that has now become mine."

"Thank you, for working with me to make my wishes become reality, it has been a wonderful journey with you"